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Sea Jellies.HEIC


Melissa Zodda Upcycle Art Studio is located at 3008 54th Street S. in Gulfport's Historic Art District.

Melissa's speciatly is original mixed media acrylic paintings;  rich in color and texture. Growing up along the New Jersey Boardwalk, and her love of coastal subjects come through clearly in her paintings and mixed media pieces. She considers herself an eco-artist, incorporating many found objects into her art: fabric pieces, eroding metals, sea debris, random pieces from her life, plastics and old strips of her own artwork, just to name a few. This creative form of upcycling allows Melissa to both recycle old thoughts and ideas while alleviating the burden on our landfills and oceans.


"Melissa's blending of colors and incorportating different materials is amazing.  Her paintings have been a great addition to our home and 'wow' guests when they arrive"  M.H. 

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