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Most of my works are rooted and conceived through my life experiences on and around the water. Much of my work incorporates pieces of the Jersey Boardwalk where I grew up along with bits of boats that I’ve had, which is truly the soul of my work. I consider myself an eco-artist, incorporating many found objects: fabric pieces, eroding metals, sea debris, random pieces from my life, plastics, old strips of my own artwork, etc. I try to recreate a moment, a meaningful time - with a current adaptation. I recycle my thoughts, my life and my work, while alleviating my burden on our oceans and landfills. Up cycling seems the natural progression for me because of my love of the sea and using materials that are symbolic of our interaction with our environment.

Melissa started Upcycle Art Studio in the Historic Art District of Gulfport.  Her working studio is part of her home where patrons are welcome by appointment to watch her work and appreciate the process that goes into each piece.  

One of twenty featured artists in ArtJones Open Studio Tour & Sale (First Weekend of December)

"I am thrilled to be a permanent resident of Gulfport and part of its growing art community.  The city has a vibrant art scene with many ways to get involved"

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